We’s Us in the Press

Courtesy of COJam: The Colorado Jam Scene October 4, 2017
We’s Us isn’t a jamband, but rather a band that jams. These guys can write a really great song that will stick in your head on the way home, but they’ll explore the possibilities of what that song can do with each rendition of it. There’s a plenty of rock, a touch of roll, classic composition and enough funk for the whole family. Diversity seems a priority while a musical willingness continually steers the band into fresh territory.

COjam is wicked pumped to have Denver’s We’s Us as our Featured Artist for October, 2017.
We’s Us is a Denver-based rock outfit consisting of Michael Weeze Dawald (Vox/Guitars), Blake Manion (Drums), Chris Crantz (Bass/Vox), Stephen Howell (Piano/Keys) and Nick Milano (Guitars). We’s Us is a modern take on classic rock, infusing elements of funk, reggae, and musical exploration. The band has toured nationwide and shared the stage with acts ranging from Slightly Stoopid, Collective Soul, Fishbone, Thundercat, Matisyahu and Tea Leaf Green, to name a few.

Courtesy of Culture Magazine, March 30, 2015
Denver is a city that embodies a certain energy and spirit, a creative balance between work and play. It isn’t just the mountains, or the altitude, or the free-flowing delicious craft beer and cannabis, paired with all the hard work that takes place in the city every day. It is also the musicians and artists who are inspired by these things. One of the bands that best embodies this spirit is We’s Us, a group whose name says it all; it strives to be itself, without any pretentions, and focus on making good music.
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Courtesy of Westword Magazine, Feb 27, 2014
It’s clear that the members of We’s Us put a lot of care, attention and craft into their self-titled full-length. The evidence lies in the complex melodies, nuanced effects and layered sounds that mark each of the album’s fourteen tracks. A lengthy stretch of effects-laden guitar lines and augmented chords opens “State of Mind,” a careful composition that feels like an ode to the best prog-rock masters. Even some of the album’s more grandiose lyrical offerings, such as “Metaphorius” and “Fall Haze,” find an anchor in thoughtful solos and intriguing melody lines. Similarly, the polyrhythms, percussion and unconventional sound textures on “Homeless” make for some of the album’s more adventurous and intriguing interludes. There’s definitely room for a little polishing here; some of the vocals sound ragged, and tunes like “Lucid” run a bit long. Still, these guys have a knack for detail, and their combined talent makes for some genuinely deep moments on this debut.
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Courtesy of Marquee Magazine, Feb 1, 2014
The Denver quartet We’s Us is a mélange of jam, funk and rock, and the group’s 14 song self-titled album highlights the band’s influences. We’s Us may have been born on Denver’s Colfax Avenue, America’s “longest, wickedest street,” but the Los Angeles-recorded album seems to have stripped off a majority of Colfax’s dirt and grit.
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Courtesy of Denver.com, Jan 30, 2014
Falling somewhere (visually speaking) between a young version of Jerry Garcia and Slash from Guns N Roses, Michael “Weeze” Dawald has a talent for bringing together the old and the new and making it sound great with his Denver-based power trio We’s Us.
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