We's Us 360 degree Video Still

The Music

We play a lot of different types of music. We kinda like it all. We try not to discriminate.

The Band

We’s Us is an American rock band originally from Denver, CO. While most bands tend to have a standard set each night, We’s Us prides itself on their varying set lists, on-the-fly improvisation, and the ability to move crowds with their original anthems. With deep and powerful vocals akin to Joe Cocker or Dave Grohl, front man Michael Weeze also rips epic guitar solos over riff oriented ballads, similar to Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, and Van Halen. A band full of front men in their own right, Stephen Howell (Piano/Keyboards/Organ) has the uncanny ability to provide visual soundscapes and solos mixing elements of Billy Joel, Ray Manzerik and Keith Jarrett. Performing nationwide and at legendary venues such as Red Rocks, Lem Williams (Drums) is one of the most sought after and respected drummers amongst the Denver scene with style similar to Carter Beauford. Tim Kokolvosky (Bass) has been groovin’ on bass for most of his life with an energetic stage presence like that of Steve Harris, Flea, and Verdine White.

The band has had 3 releases since their debut in 2013. The two records (We’s Us, 432) that were done with multiplatinum producer Dave Aron (Sublime, Prince, U2, Snoop, and Moe.), have been nationally and internationally acclaimed. Their latest release after a 2 year hiatus (Scanhope Sessions), was mixed and recorded by Josh Fairman (Sunsquabi, Dumpstaphunk, Motet and Analog Son) in Jan 2017 as a live album. The band continued to tour with the record for an impressive 45 shows and 5 music festivals it’s first year back.

Their new EP Zeus, (due Feb 23 2018) was produced and performed on by Jake Cinninger (Umphrey’s McGee) and Willie Waldman (Snoop Dogg, Banyan, Sublime).

Some of the notable festivals We’s Us has worked with include the Taste of Colorado, Velorama!, The Underground Music Showcase (UMS), Spread the Word Music Fest, Bong-a-thon!, South Park Music Fest