We's Us 360 degree Video Still

The Music

We play a lot of different types of music. We kinda like it all. We try not to discriminate.

The Band

We’s Us is a Denver-based rock outfit consisting of Michael Weeze Dawald (Vox/Guitars), Blake Manion (Drums), Chris Crantz (Bass/Vox), Stephen Howell (Piano/Keys), and Nick Milano (Guitars). We’s Us is a modern take on classic rock, infusing elements of funk, reggae, and musical exploration. The band has toured nationwide and shared the stage with acts ranging from Slightly Stoopid, Collective Soul, Fishbone, Thundercat, Matisyahu, Tea Leaf Green, to name a few.

We’s Us’ first two records were produced by multiplatinum producer Dave Aron (Sublime, Snoop, U2, Prince, Dumpstaphunk, Moe.) and received national and international airplay.

Meet the Band

The Whole Band
L-R: Chris (Bass/vox), Weeze (Guitar/Vox), Nick (Guitar), Blake (Drums), and Steve (Keys)

Michael Weeze Dawald, Guitars/Vocals/Fisherman
Frozen in ice around 169,420 years ago in the regions of Northern Minnesota, Weeze finally thawed out (because of the global warming) and walked into a music store Spring of 2000. He heard Nickelback and it’s been his way of life ever since. Weeze prefers laying on the beach for long periods of time.

Blake Manion, Drums/Percussion/Food
It is Colorado folklore that Blake was raised by bears in the Rocky Mountains. Whether or not the story is true is a mystery, but what is known for sure is that Blake maintains a deep distrust for anything that isn’t wine, dark chocolate, pizza, or his bandmates. He likes long walks on the beach.

Stephen Howell, Keyboards of all kinds
Stephen Howell is a self taught pianist originally from White Plains, NY. He started joining bands and playing out since the age of 15 at famous New York venues like CBGB’s and the knitting factory. Stephen is experienced with every major musical style from jazz to rock and electro. He loves playing with We’s Us because they fuse different genres together, and you can believe it because he is writing this about himself in the third person. Believe it or not, he likes long walks on the beach.

Nick Milano, Guitars
Nick Milano hails from nowhere in particular but everywhere all at once. Guitar influences include but are not limited to John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, and Rusty Davis. You can usually find him walking on a beach aimlessly in the right direction.

Chris Crantz, Bass/Background Vocals
The spacecraft carrying Chris crashed in Denver at 1:30am on 11 Sept, 2001. Due to the subsequent flight ban, he was unable to return to his 3 bedroom/2 bath bungalow on a planet orbiting Sirius. Unable to find quality spare parts for the trip home, he has been playing bass ever since. He likes long walks on the beach.